Family history is a passion..

.. and has been for over 45 years.

Waymark Genealogy can work from the information that you currently have, even if you know very little about your British or Irish roots.  We use primary sources - original documents - to compile family histories and draw up family trees.  We are equally happy to support you in your own research, making visits to archives, libraries and cemeteries on your behalf.

Please do look at the range of genealogy and research services available - from full family histories and trees to smaller individual tasks, such as research for a 'BBC Who Do You Think You Are?' style report about one person or the tracing of an individual serviceman's military career, including forward reconstruction (tracing descendants) if required.

We research families originating from all over the country and are based in the East Midlands, within easy reach of archives in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire.  We also regularly visit archives further afield, such as the National Archives at Kew.

Local archives hold a wealth of documents that can help to take a family history further back than the records available online; contrary to popular belief, most of these documents have not been digitised and are not available on-line.  The material held by archives can add real depth and detail to a family history; Waymark Genealogy can visit archives and libraries on your behalf, transcribing and photographing original documents.  We can also make visits to local cemeteries to photograph and transcribe headstones.

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Family Histories, Family Trees and Pedigree Charts;

Archive, Library and Cemetery Visits;

Genealogical Problem Solving;

First World War and 19th Century Military Research;

Life Stories;

Photographic Scanning Service.

Whatever your genealogical project Waymark Genealogy will work to break down your genealogical 'brick wall' and produce work that is well-researched and reliable.  If you have a family history question or query, please do get in touch to see whether we can help.

Archive visits planned for the next few weeks, research time bookable by the hour

  • Nottinghamshire Archives - 5th March 2024
  • Nottingham University Manuscripts and Special Collections - March 2024
  • National Archives, Kew - March 2024
  • Leicestershire Archives - March 2024
  • Lincolnshire Archives - April 2024 (several)
  • Bedfordshire Archives - April 2024