Sepia photo of soldier

Military Careers of Servicemen

A range of sources and resources is used to research the military service of an individual in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Many First World War service records were destroyed by enemy action during the Second World War, and so military service details for 1914 - 1918 vary greatly in depth and detail.  An initial assessment would be carried out to establish what details might be available for each serviceman's military career.

For some servicemen, this initial research may indicate that it might not be possible to extend the project beyond a few basic details but, where more information exists, a timeline and short biography will be compiled with copies/ photographs of relevant documents included.

Hourly rate - £25

The Movements and Actions of a Battalion

Resources including regimental and battalion histories, biographies and war diaries are used to identify battles and campaigns from 1850 through to 1920.

Notable soldiers serving with that Battalion and details of any honours awarded may be identified.

Research results for a period covering the First World War will also include copies and transcripts of a selection of pages from any surviving war diary of the Battalion.

Tracing one Battalion - £145

Cap badges of East Midlands Regiments
Page from a FWW War Diary

Surviving War Diaries from 1939 - 1945 are also available at the National Archives at Kew but these have not yet been digitised.  Photographed copies or transcriptions of these can be made by Waymark Genealogy.

First World War Diary Transcription

The War Diary provides a fascinating account of the day to day experiences of the Battalion.  Through its War Diary we get an 'at the coal face' view of the movements and actions of each Battalion and this enables a better understanding of the experiences of a soldier in that Battalion.

Although officers are mentioned more regularly, please be aware that the War Diary rarely mentions individual soldiers of 'Other Ranks' by name.

Waymark Genealogy can transcribe specific sections of the requested Battalion log for you and map the movements of that Battalion.

Hourly rate - £25