Waymark Genealogy has just completed a family tree and history for the paternal side of my family and I have to say that I could not be more pleased.
I had basic details for my ancestors back three generations or so but the work completed by Lorraine Johnson at Waymark took our family history back three hundred years and ten generations – a much better result than I was expecting. In addition, the work was carried out promptly and with a pleasing amount of detail provided  in their final reports including information on an uncle about whom I had no knowledge previously. 
The finished work supplied not only a family tree but also a written summary of the family’s history and copies of fascinating documentation back to the 1740s. In addition, five military histories were provided for relatives who had served in the First World War. Maybe some families would produce less detail and some more but I doubt much would be missed by Waymark’s research. 
A very satisfied customer.

Terry D., West Sussex

So far, I have consulted Lorraine Johnson of Waymark Genealogy twice since meeting her in the Genealogy community on Twitter. The first time Lorraine’s research enabled me to get a clearer picture of one of my great grandfathers, about whom I’d had an ongoing query for several years. Thanks to Lorraine’s information I am well on the way to completing his story – and a surprising one it is, too!
The second occasion was on behalf of my husband and an ‘unknown’ great-great grandfather. By following up on DNA matches and records, Lorraine was able to work out the likely candidate, thus ending many years of wondering! Lorraine suggested further avenues of research for me to follow.
Lorraine is a very good communicator; it was a real pleasure to work with her on my family tree and I would definitely recommend Waymark Genealogy. In fact I have another mystery, Lorraine….

Elaine J., Surrey

We contacted Lorraine through her advert in the Parish Magazine as my husband wanted to write his life story.  What an amazing lady!  Kind, understanding and extremely patient.  She has sourced much information we didn’t know about and put together, sometimes from mere fragments of information, a book which has now been printed.  Lorraine has created a fantastic family heirloom for which we are eternally grateful.

Dory S., Lincolnshire

I found Waymark Genealogy through an advert and took a leap of faith in Lorraine Johnson as I needed someone in the Nottinghamshire area to help me find my missing grandfather. I had done some research myself but had got stuck and could not move forward.  I do not regret my decision. We worked together with quiet determination against all the odds and very flimsy information to say the least, and have found him. Lorraine’s knowledge of genealogy and local records proved invaluable, whilst her patience and sensible advice kept me going even when I was at the point of giving up completely.  Thanks Lorraine, I can now put a 100 year mystery to bed. My only regret is that my grandfather is not around any longer so he cannot hear me say what I really thought of him!

Anne R., Nottinghamshire

I ‘met’ Lorraine via a videoconference run by the Really Useful Family History Show.  Thank you for all your work on my enquiry about my father’s compassionate leave. I thought it very well put together, very thorough, and easy to follow online and would be equally good (perhaps even better) printed out. Really good to have photos of all the relevant document pages showing where the extracts you used, had been taken from.  You responded to my emails quickly, said when you were going to TNA, reported on the visit within a day or two (perhaps even hours, actually!)

Anne G., Suffolk

My ancestor and his siblings were orphaned when very young here in Connecticut in 1874.  What scant information we had on his parents led us to a gentleman in Nottingham. My late mother and I researched that gentleman for many years in hopes of establishing a connection between him and the family here, but were unsuccessful.  Between Covid lockdowns, Lorraine was able to secure an appointment at the University Library and in a short time had found enough information on the individual, and his family, to link him to our ancestor here.  It has meant so much to me to have this mystery solved!  Lorraine has been very thorough in her work, and has been a delight to work with.  I'm looking forward to her assistance in following the family back further once the lockdowns are again lifted.

Susan S., Connecticut, USA

Given away as a baby, my father never knew who his father was, and knew little about his mother’s family. I had a DNA test to try and learn more, and spent some time inexpertly trying to build a tree myself, to little effect. I then came across Lorraine’s website and decided to ‘give her a go’ and what a revelation it’s been. I have been amazed at how much she has discovered in a short time. She clearly knows how to efficiently access information unknown to me. She has discovered fascinating stories of my grandmother’s family and identified my grandfather and pieced together the story of how my father came to be born. This has been fascinating and comforting for my elderly father who I think felt slightly ‘unanchored’ all his life by not knowing his own backstory. My one regret? Not turning to Lorraine sooner: I wasted a lot of my time getting nowhere!

David E., Dumfries

I would like to thank you Lorraine for all your help with my exceedingly difficult family history research. I had hit a brick wall and you have now given me new leads to follow. It is so nice to work with someone who is friendly, courteous, so very approachable, and who has a real enthusiasm for what they are doing. I have also really appreciated that I get a quick response to any query I may have and am looking forward to continuing to work with you on the next steps with my family history. Many thanks, Lorraine.

Brenda S., New Zealand

Thank you so much for all you have done. My grandfather, for one, is astounded and has had a wonderful afternoon pouring through it all with me.

Luke J., Rutland