Research time is charged at a basic rate of £20 per hour but, due to economies of scale, larger projects will often be charged at a slightly lower hourly rate.  

Research reports are usually provided electronically ss PDFs, including copies or photographs of relevant documents, subject to copyright. 

Alternatively, reports can be provided in a folder or an album.  Reports published as a hard-backed or soft-backed book are also possible; please do ask about pricing and timescales for books.

The information below may give some idea of the most commonly requested research projects but you may have something else in mind - please do contact us to discuss these further.  We love a challenge!

Your family history is not just a list of dates and places - discover more about the lives your ancestors lived.

Trace your British or Irish family backwards in time from what you know (however little that might be) to the beginning of the nineteenth century, often earlier.  Learn more about their occupations; discover how the lives of your ancestors may have shaped your own.  Forward reconstruction (tracing descendants of an individual) is also possible.

Information is drawn from a range of sources including census returns, birth, marriage and death records, military records, wills, school records and newspaper archives as appropriate.

A family history makes a personal and unique gift.


Tracing one branch/ surname (or project of a similar size) - £120

Tracing the ancestors of four grandparents (or a project of a similar size) - £400

Older lady with grandsons
Sepia photograph of a woman

Increasing numbers of people are now undertaking DNA tests in order to discover more about their historical and cultural roots; it is possible to find out a lot more about our heritage than can be discovered solely through traditional genealogical practice.

The huge databases, held by the companies who undertake genetic testing, include information about DNA matches and these matches can be compared using established family history techniques, in many cases to identify the biological families of children who have been informally adopted or those for whom paper records differ from biological records.


Analysis of DNA results and the tracing of associated family (one branch/ surname) - £120

Local and national archives hold a wealth of documents that have not been digitised and only available at the archives themselves.

With Waymark Genealogy you can book research time at a local or national archive, library, museum or cemetery; this time is chargeable by the hour.  You may just want one document (or headstone) looked at or a larger project completed, we can advise on what documents might be available to help you advance your research.

You can decide whether you would like original documents to be copied, photographed and/ or transcribed.  You may be able to specify the exact document you wish us to locate or it may that you have a specific objective but are not sure what sources may be available to complete the task, we can help.

In addition to locations in the East Midlands, Waymark Genealogy also regularly visits archives, cemeteries and libraries in the London area.


Hourly rate - £20 (with a reduction in the hourly rate for larger projects)

National Archives

You only pay for our research time, not our travel time, and so this is a very cost-effective way of supplementing or extending your project.

On the Home Page you can see what archive visits are currently planned; do contact Waymark Genealogy to talk about visiting a different location.

Stow on the Wold Cemetery

Have you already completed a significant amount of family history research but are wondering whether you have drawn the correct conclusions or made the correct family links?

A pair of fresh eyes can often suggest alternative lines of enquiry for that genealogical 'brick wall'.  Waymark Genealogy has a tree verification/ fact checking service and would be pleased to provide that extra check on your research and, if appropriate, offer advice on developing it further.


Hourly rate - £20

Other Research Requests

Other aspects of historical research are also possible; for example, the history of a house or building, a village or small town, a school, a business or other organisation.

Support is also available for someone wishing to write their life story.

Please contact Waymark Genealogy to find out more.