Waymark Genealogy will make an initial free search before we begin working on your commission to ensure that there is a good chance of making progress on your project.

If you do need the project to be completed by a specific date, please do let us know and we will do our very best to work to your that date, or to let you know from the outset what our earliest completion date is likely to be.  (For a 'last-minute' or more flexible gift, please consider a Waymark Genealogy Gift Certificate.)

Before starting any research, Waymark Genealogy will confirm in writing the cost of the project and its expected completion date; please be aware that larger research projects can often take up to six weeks to complete.  At this point, the initial payment of one third of the balance will be due.

If research problems do arise, Waymark Genealogy will keep you fully informed about the progress of your project and no additional costs will be incurred without your express and written permission.  If it is not possible to complete a project as originally agreed, you will only be charged for the research that has taken place up to that point.

The second payment will be due once the research phase has been completed.

The final phase of any project is the compiling of the project report.  This can be a lengthy process but the time that this takes will have been built into the original cost of the project.  Once the report has been completed the final payment will become due. 

If your research can be sent to you by email, this will be done as soon as the final payment has been received.  If your research needs to be posted, it will be sent by recorded or special delivery at no extra charge, whether you live in the UK or in another country.

Please note that:

  • any payment to Waymark Genealogy must be made in Pounds Sterling
  • copies of any original documents remain the property of Waymark Genealogy until the final payment has been made
  • Waymark Genealogy provides reports for a client's personal use and shall retain the copyright on any and all reports provided.  Research notes and plans remain the property of Waymark Genealogy.