Great Grandfather’s Medal

I have some wonderful news (those of you who know me well will appreciate just how wonderful…..)

Earlier this week, I got an alert to say that a medal with my mother’s (unusual) maiden name was for sale on an online auction site. I was pleased and interested to see the alert, I’m always looking for medals awarded to someone with one of my family surnames, but on closer inspection I was completely gob-smacked.  The medal for sale was one of my Great Grandfather’s First World War medals – his British War Medal - what were the chances????

The medal already had some bids on it so I messaged our family group just to make sure that we weren’t bidding against each other and then messaged the seller directly to see whether we could come to some agreement. I so wanted to get it back in the family.

Once he realised the situation, the lovely man finished the auction early to ensure that mine was the winning bid.  He did exactly as he promised, and the medal arrived this morning.

I hope that the little extra I added to the amount he asked for (very reasonable) will go some way to thanking him. I've written to him as well and expressed thanks on behalf of the whole family.

British War Medal (First World War)

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