A family mystery solved

For over 30 years I have been aware that my paternal grandmother may have had another sister who died as a child: my father had been told about her by his mother but knew very little other than that her name might have been ‘Nell’. Sadly, my grandmother died long before I was born and her surviving younger sisters (my great aunts) knew or remembered nothing about a missing sibling. A gap of 5 years between Sibling Number 4 and Sibling Number 5 provided the most likely time interval for her birth; searches of births and deaths produced a lengthy list of potential candidates. Today, during a search of an on-line burials index, I discovered a burial which references a Homerton address that was already in my database, the conclusive evidence I was seeking: our ‘Nell’ was Ellen Edwards, born in the second half of 1899 and buried in March 1901.

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