People tracing for my mum….

Lorraine's Christening

One of my longer term projects is digitising and indexing the family photographs that I have collected over the years, including a whole batch from my grandparents that are almost all unlabelled and undated.

My mother is really interested in helping with each batch as it is scanned and has been a mine of information about dates and names.  We have a number of private family Facebook pages where we post the photos that we think would interest other members of the extended family and they are often able to add extra details which is great.

Looking through the latest group of photos via Zoom, including one from my christening, we got to reminiscing about one of her old school friends.  My sisters and I used to play with the two children of this friend, but it was only when Mum mentioned their names I realised that I had forgotten about them completely.

Our conversation ended with Mum wondering what had happened to them all, they had lost contact a good number of years ago.

I put my people tracing skills to work and that evening I was able to ring Mum back and let her know what I had found about her friend's life over the past forty years, including where I thought her friend might be living now.

Mum was delighted and is going to write to her friend, I really hope that they are able to get in touch again.


Now she wants me to find an old boyfriend who emigrated to Canada………..

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  1. Mum has spoken to her old school friend and is so happy. The pressure is really on now to find the boyfriend in Canada!

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