Using genealogy to trace long lost friends

Hickman Chapman

Could this wedding photograph help a nonagenarian find the friend she lost touch with about 10 years ago?

A lady in her nineties is trying to find out what happened to her friend Ellen Hickman, née Chapman.  They lost touch about ten years ago after Ellen moved away from Scunthorpe.

Genealogical research is not just useful for looking into the past to ancestors who have already died but can also be used to locate people in the present.

The same techniques used to build a traditional family tree can also build forward in time - known facts from a missing person's history and recent past, together with birth, marriage and death records plus recent Electoral Registers can help to locate people who are still living.

Waymark Genealogy has had experience at building family trees forward for clients who were adopted and also helped to find clues which might allow people to re-establish contact with old friends, ex-service comrades and distant family members where they have lost touch.

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